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Let’s take a look at the not-so-well-known Gameboy classic, Gargoyle’s Quest.

Hello folks, I know that there are very few of you who follow VGNostalgia in the first place, but this is just a notice that we’ve included a NEW FORUM!


You can discuss games and other entertainment things to your hearts content. Have fun!

So hey, if you told yourself yesterday that you were going to wake up the next morning getting ready to hear some gaming news from Capcom, you’d mostly be a little cynical about it, right? “Oh, Capcom? More like CRAPcom lately”

Well… time to eat your words… Because a slew of great news just happened at PAX East:

  • A New Mega Man game is in the works (this apparently had not been confirmed)
  • Duck Tales is being remastered with original voice cast and developed by Wayforward
  • Both Dungeons and Dragons Arcade beat-em-ups are being released on Wii eShop/PSN/Xbox Live
  • Mega Man 4 and 5 for the 3DS eShop have been announced, April 25th and May 16th

Not only that, UDON, the leading publisher in bringing translated art books from Japan to America, has announced that FIVE new books are coming. INCLUDING the much anticipated extended Complete Works of Mega Man and Street Fighter.

Don’t believe me about Duck Tales? Check out this trailer. Watch and be excited as I am.

…Now that the song is stuck in your head. Have a nice day and look forward to what’s to come =)

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